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About Me

   In 1980 I moved from Little Rock, Arkansas to the Dallas, Texas area to work for a major defense contractor as an electronics test technician.  Eventually, I worked my way into an engineering technician's position.  As an engineering technician, I discovered my true passion - software and database development!

   Eventually, I left the defense industry to begin a new career as a process engineering technician in the semiconductor industry.  While working as a process engineering technician, I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from University of Texas at Dallas.  I have since kept up-to-data with the latest Web/software technologies by supplementing my MIS degree with yet another Associate’s Degree - this one in Software Development.

   I still live in the Dallas area with my wife and daughter.  My hobbies include aviation, working on my experimental airplane (a Van's RV-9A), and keeping fish in my 300 gallon freshwater aquarium. I enjoy a good tough programming problem, all things aviation, and of course, database and software development!