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photo Arcadium provides some of the best roller coaster rides in the area. Whether you're a thrill seeeker, looking for high g's, big plunges, and fast curves, or a person enjoys a quiet ride, you're sure to find the right rides for you at Arcadium.

Our roller coaster rides include ...

The Dragon
Our double looping roller coaster, more than 12 stories high, is a crowd favorite.
The Skywheel
Get a great view of the park from the top of this 120 foot gondola - one of the tallest gondolas in the South!
The Missouri Breaks
One of the South's classic roller coasters with two huge dips and speeds over 55 mph and forces up to 2.8 g's.
The Safari
For the younger kids (and their parents), this ride provides a thrilling trip through a jungle filled with lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!
Our top attraction, this roller coaster takes you through the biggest loop in the South, with speeds exceeding 60 mph, and forces exceeding 3.2 g's.
Dark Voyage
View the underside of Arcadium by riding this exciting underground roller coaster.

... and many more!

Arcadium  •  Hwy 12, Exit 491  •  Derby, GA 20010  •  1 (800) 555-5431