Airplanes at Airventure
The Smallest Airplane

Kri-Kri:  This is the Smallest plane that I saw at Airventure. It's called a Cri-Cri and as far s I know is not available as at kit but must be built from plans.  As small as it is, it's surprisingly FAST and nimble.  It's powered basically by what amounts to two chainsaw motors!   Would YOU fly in it...?

What It's All About
Dyke Delta

DYKE DELTA JD-2:  This is what it's all about folks... building and flying experimental airplanes! The plane on the right is known as a Dyke Delta and it was certificated in January of 1972... nearly forty years ago! The plane was built from plans by the owner and won Grand Champion in a prior year. If only I had half the talent...  Look at the sky in the background.  We REALLY got poured-on!

The COOLEST Airplane

Eve:  This has got to be the neatest plane ever. There's only one of them and it was built by Burt Rutan's company called Scaled Composites located in the Mojave Desert. This plane will be used to carry a spaceship loaded with paying passengers up to about 40,000 feet where it will be released and then zoom into space (about 70 miles up!) under it's own rocket power!  We watched it fly into Airventure and do a brief flight demonstration before it landed and taxied to the square where it remained on display for the remainder of the week.  I must admit, seeing it in the air was surreal...

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