Camping at Airventure

The best way to experience it...  in my opinion!    To the right is a picture I took of our camp set-up at Airventure.  This year myself and a buddy took his fifth-wheel camper and diesel pickup up there for the week.  The camper is a 30-foot long fifth-wheel trailer that he's owned since 2002.  He stores it indoors when it's not being used and it's still like brand new!  You can see our bicycles in the foreground.  The first year I went to Airventure, I didn't have room for a bicycle and I walked from the campgrounds to the main gate-- a long way.  I'm not doing THAT again...  In the bed of the truck is a 3000 watt Honda generator.  We used it to run the hot water heater, microwave, oven, stereo and battery chargers.  This year they even had  FREE WiFi coverage in the campgrounds so we could surf the net and do the email thing.  What a way to rough-it......

The "Cover You're Butt" section

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