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What is Airventure?:   Airventure is an annual weeklong airshow extravaganza --usually during the last week of July-- at Whitman Field in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It's an celebration that caters to the individuals who build/restore and fly experimental airplanes.  As it turns out, it's also unintentionally the worlds largest camping jamboree!   For the week of the show, people are allowed to camp right on the airport property-- the best way to experience Airventure in my opinion.   Airventure is also a place for the hundreds of vendors and suppliers to display their products and services directly to the people who will use them.
   On the right is a picture of an airplane called an RV-9A.  The RV-9A can hold two people, is powered by a Lycoming engine(same engine that Cessna uses).  It's offered to the public as a kit and can be built in 2-car garage!  One can reasonably expect to spend about 2000 hours building this kit from the time they begin until the airplane is ready to fly.  I purchased the tail kit and wing kit some time ago but so far have only completed the tail and  the left wing. 

Hey, there's WATER at Airventure!
Piper Cub

The Seaplane Base:  That's right-- there's even  a seaplane base at Airventure!  It's located on the shore of Lake Whitman very close to the main airport(but not part if it).  The floatplanes are anchored in about five feet of water in a cove protected from the waves of the open lake.  No trip to Airventure would be complete without visiting here--  very tranquil and relaxing.  One may even camp here if they so choose!  There's a 'free' boat ride around the lagoon that one may take to get a closer look at some of the planes moored there... that's how I got the picture of the Piper Cub on floats to the the right! 

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